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Name:Renee Montoya | The Question II
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America
Name: Renee Montoya
Fandom: DC Comics
Age: 33-34
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Occupation: Vigilante
Canon Point: Post Five Lessons of Blood

Renee was a police officer and Homicide Detective for the Gotham City police. She was born and raised in Gotham, a city known for being cut-throat and criminally active. All the freaks, some time, some way, always set their sights on Gotham at some point. The people’s only line of defense was the Gotham police and the vigilante Batman. Renee was one of Commissioner Gordon’s faithful followers, as well as a supporter of Batman and his alliance with the police. When the U.S. government decided to abandon Gotham after an earthquake struck and destroyed most of the city, Renee was amongst the few police officers to stay and defend it against all the vultures circling the dying city. Commissioner Gordon ended up using Renee as a go-between in order to form an alliance with Harvey Dent, hoping to bank on Renee’s past kindness towards Harvey. It worked too…up until Harvey double crossed them and kidnapped Renee and the rest of her family.

Harvey took Renee’s kindness to mean that she was interested in him and the kidnapping was all a stepping stone in his great plan to woo her…or something. When the initial wooing didn’t work (and he had her parents on his side there for a minute…or not) he kidnapped Gordon and put him on trial for all his wrong doings towards Renee. But Renee persuades Harvey to take Gordon’s defense against Two-Face and ends up playing out the entire trial in his head. Harvey won and Renee and Gordon are released as Harvey is arrested. Sometime after Gotham is opened up again and everyone returns. Continued here.

Renee is a highly skilled martial artist, a skill she relies on in most situations. Back in her cop years, she was a proficient brawler, but under the then Question Vic Sage’s insistence, Richard Dragon, another skilled trainer in the arts, trained her. While not averse to using weapons if she has to, hand to hand combat is her usual way of handling things and it’s nearly impossible to catch her by surprise. Thanks to her years as a cop she’s familiar with and can use firearms expertly, but generally she prefers weapons like clubs or nun chucks that she can use to knock people upside their heads. Another thing she picked up from Vic is the use of meditation as a way to clear her mind. It’s her go to for when she needs extra focus on a case and feels like there’s something she’s missing. The meditation has also given her a strong control over her mind that allows her to resist brainwashing or other mind manipulations.

In her role as the Question she has to “suit up” in a particular way. She comes equipped with a Pseudoderm mask that covers her entire face and makes her completely expressionless. Despite this, the mask allows her to see and breathe normally while wearing it. She also carries a chemical compound called Binary Gas in her belt that binds the mask to her face and changes the color of her hair and clothes. From the canon point she’s taken from her hair changes from brown to black, but it’s also been known to change to blonde.

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